What we do

Sandberg Translation Partners Limited (STP) is a language service partner that builds scalable, high-quality solutions in a niche sector in the translation industry. STP specialises in professional translation work from English and German into the Nordic languages, and from a wide range of source languages into English. We have a large, strong in-house team of 70+ translators and account linguists as well as 25+ dedicated project managers.

For a free, non-binding project consultation, please send full details of your translation requirements to info@stptrans.com

Our business model has always comprised a strong focus on in-house linguistic production capacity and vocational expertise. We attach strategic importance to our in-house resources, which help to ensure a very high level of professionalism and linguistic quality in our work as well as prompt and flexible responses to our clients’ needs. Like most translation companies, we also work regularly with select freelance translators to augment our in-house skills and capacity as needed.

We do not market STP’s services directly to end-users of translation work. Instead, we serve the needs of other translation companies looking for a one-stop solution to all their translation and localisation requirements involving the languages we specialise in. More than 370 clients benefit from STP’s extensive range of translation- and language-related services across almost all subject areas and text types.

Alongside the ongoing development of our human resources, STP has always had a strong focus on using appropriate software technology to aid in our administrative tasks and enhance the quality, consistency and productivity of our linguists.

We continually invest in the most up-to-date CAT (computer-aided translation) tools and internal software development. Our proprietary project management system and supplier extranet reduce the need for our project managers to carry out routine administrative tasks, allowing them to focus on providing good advice and service to our clients, allocating the right linguists to each task and organising projects efficiently.

We have extensive in-house IT and software development skills, and we regularly supplement off-the-shelf software with fully integrated bespoke solutions for purposes such as file format conversion, CAT tool interoperability, QC checks and document preparation. Documented translation workflows, excellent technical and linguistic resources and constant support from project managers and linguistically qualified peers ensure that our translators, editors and revisers can carry out their tasks to the best of their ability.

For a free, non-binding project consultation, please send full details of your translation requirements to info@stptrans.com

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