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We’re Sandberg. Over 25 years, we’ve grown from humble beginnings in a spare bedroom into a company of diverse professionals with offices in the UK, Sweden and Bulgaria. And we’re the springboard that could jumpstart your career.

We offer an exciting challenge, industry training and flexible working arrangements. So why not join us and be part of the next generation of language industry professionals?

Nordic is in our company DNA. That means we’re open, straight-talking and honest. But no nonsense doesn’t mean no fun.

Our culture
Our Nordic roots can be felt in every aspect of our culture. Sandberg’s flat management structure and open culture of communication mean that you should never be afraid to voice your opinion – no matter where you work in the company. 

We believe that these insights and feedback make us stronger. Frank, honest communication is not something we fear – in fact we thrive on it.


Our values
At Sandberg, we’ve distilled our principles of communication into six core values:


From the beginning, you’re encouraged to be bold and take on new challenges. You’re given the autonomy to push yourself whilst being able to rely on the support of your team and manager.

– Cat, Talent Programme Manager

The perks aren’t just tangible. We give you the training and support you need to climb up your industry career ladder.

Our benefits

Flexible working arrangements
In most roles, we offer flexible working hours outside of our core hours.* We also offer remote working options once you’ve shown your commitment to the company. And if for any reason you need to work overtime (we hope you don’t), we’ll always pay you for it or give you time off in lieu.

Strong virtual environment
Our teams might be dispersed geographically, but they’re tight-knit thanks to our robust virtual infrastructure. We use instant chat and collaboration software, along with an internal social network platform for company news, announcements and water cooler chat.

I never, ever feel bored. I love how logging into work is like flicking a switch and stepping into the topic at hand, which changes from day to day or even hour to hour. Variety, challenge and a never-ending opportunity to learn.

– Janina, Senior Translator

Work–life balance
Core to our company culture is work–life balance. We hate always-on: you’re not expected to monitor your inbox outside of office hours, that’s your private time. We believe that work should stay at work.

Structured onboarding and training
Our onboarding process is highly structured and tailored to each role. We give you dedicated time to shadow your colleagues and make sure you’re supported every step of the way as you progress through your learning units.

You’ll make more than just money. Meet colleagues from all over the world who’ll become your closest friends.

We’re social (once you get to know us)
At Sandberg, we’re a friendly and welcoming bunch. Extrovert or introvert, you’ll fit right in. We have regular social events (pub nights, barbecues) at our office locations, as well as sporadic events organised by our remote workers.

Team get-togethers
Despite being a pioneer of remote working in our industry, we recognise the importance of meeting up in person every now and again. We organise periodic meetings for remote teams in various locations so colleagues can bond and share ideas.

Sometimes during weekends, I catch myself thinking I can’t wait to go back to work – not only because of the job, but because of the great colleagues I have: they’re the most positive and friendly people I’ve ever worked with.

– Borislava, Project Manager

Our locations

Leeds  UK
London  UK
Remote workers

Our locations







Plus remote workers in Denmark, Finland, Sweden and the UK.

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University partnerships

Sandberg collaborates in different ways with universities across the Nordic countries and the UK that share our values and commitment to training the next generation of translators.

We’ve built successful relationships with the universities below, so if you’re enrolled at one of them, we’d love for you to attend a future seminar or webinar with us.

* Core hours vary by role and location.

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