Financial translation services

Our decades of experience translating financial texts means we’re the perfect partner for your Nordic and English needs. Whether it’s annual reports, KIIDs, agreements, contracts, press releases or insurance documents, Sandberg has the expertise and professionalism to deliver your financial translation to a tight schedule while maintaining accuracy and full confidentiality.

Fast turnaround

The right documents in the right language, at the right time

The financial year followed by most companies means that there can suddenly be a slew of documents that require translation within a tight timeframe several times a year. At Sandberg, we’re used to planning our capacity around the tax return and annual report seasons to make sure we can meet your deadlines for financial translation.

Alongside our in-house team, we maintain a short list of hand-picked, trusted freelancers which gives us the flexibility to take on urgent work or ongoing financial and legal translation projects and still meet your deadlines.

Whether your project involves English, Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, Norwegian or Swedish as the target or source language, we can help. We can also translate from French and German into these languages.

Timing’s everything with financial translation. We’ve got the resources to meet your deadlines.
We’re experts in financial terminology and annual report translation.


Financial and legal terminology experts

We know that financial and legal documents require precise terminology. Our highly-trained translators work on hundreds of thousands of words of financial texts every year.

We have excellent in-house terminology resources – for all our target languages of English, Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, Norwegian and Swedish – built from scratch over our decades in the industry. This means our translators can consistently apply the most up-to-date IFRS-approved terms in key documents such as those below.

Annual reports

Bank statements

Balance sheets

Contracts + agreements



Tax reports


Keeping your data confidential and secure

Confidentiality and security top the list of concerns for all of our clients seeking financial and legal translations. At Sandberg, we have robust security arrangements, including safe file transfer methods (cloud-based or via encrypted ZIP files), data sanitisation to prevent storage of personal and commercially sensitive data in translation memories, and GDPR-compliant procedures for handling personal data and sensitive personal data.

We’re also ISO 17100 certified, which means our translation process is fully traceable back to the individual linguists involved.

Download the Security at Sandberg PDF to learn more about what we do to keep your data secure.

Client data security policy (PDF, 69 KB)
GDPR policy (PDF, 57 KB)

At STP, data security is paramount on all financial translation projects.
Machine translation technology can help speed up your next financial translation project.


Leveraging the latest technology to bring you accurate financial translations, faster

At Sandberg, we’re proud of our track record of embracing the latest translation technologies, including machine translation (MT). If the sensitivity level of your text allows it, we can leverage MT technology to turn around your financial translation faster with an excellent level of accuracy.

MT is well-suited to financial texts, which require standardised terminology and can often be repetitive in nature. All machine translated texts are carefully post-edited by one of our expert human translators, so you get the same human-level quality in less time.

We’re here to advise you on the best translation process. The ultimate decision on whether to use MT is yours.

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Annual report translation services

Annual reports feature information primarily related to business performance and finance, but nowadays they include a wide variety of topics such as corporate governance, risk management, sustainability and social responsibility. We at Sandberg offer high-quality annual report translations to address your international shareholders and other stakeholders such as employees, customers and the media in their own language

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