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Annual report translation services

We at Sandberg offer high-quality annual report translation services to address your international shareholders and other stakeholders such as employees, customers and the media in their own language.

Sustainability report translations

Sustainability reports present your organisation’s progress towards its performance, employee, social and environmental goals. We at Sandberg are here to help you inform your stakeholders about these achievements in their own language. 

Annual reports are the public face of a company, outlining financial performance, integrity and creditworthiness. Translating these documents properly into English is essential to communicating effectively with investors, creditors, clients, employees and other stakeholders.

Your annual report should appeal to and inspire all readers 


The story you tell could instil greater confidence and spark more substantial investment from stakeholders.


Your business partners, vendors, contractors and consultants constitute a valuable network for your company. Your annual report should speak to them, too.


Existing and prospective customers are aware that annual reports carry more credibility than other marketing documents, so they will see and feel the heart of your company on every page.


Your employees are your most important stakeholders. A well-executed annual report should speak to your employees at every level.

Translating annual reports

Annual reports feature information related to business performance. That’s why accuracy, compliance and consistency are crucial to successfully translating financial content, and meeting deadlines can be tricky when the volumes start to ramp up.

Far more than just a summary of numbers and figures

Besides business and financial performance, annual reports also cover a wide variety of topics such as corporate governance, risk management, sustainability and social responsibility. Most companies use them as a strategic marketing tool, so they often weave in a narrative and include visually appealing charts and compelling images representing the company’s voice and culture.

Why Sandberg?

Native, specialist translators

Annual reports contain specialised financial, legal and economic content. We assign native translators to every task, who are highly skilled in their field.

Best-in-class quality

We’re known for our exacting standards and ISO compliance, meeting or exceeding our clients’ quality expectations on every single job.

Streamlined communication

A dedicated project manager will be assigned to your report so that you know exactly who to contact.

Speed without compromise

We’re able to work to tight deadlines and still deliver the top-notch quality you expect.

We at Sandberg are here to help you tell this story convincingly and inform your stakeholders about your achievements in their own language.