Marketing translation services and International Search Engine Optimisation

Building an audience for your messages in a new international market requires more than a simple translation. Cultural differences mean that what lands with your target market in one geo might not work in another. We’ve got the expertise to make sure you can reach your target market.

Marketing Translation (transcreation)

We’ve all come across ads that don’t speak to us because they were made for a different market. Whether that’s because the references don’t make sense in your culture or the words and phrases used feel somehow foreign, often the message simply fails to come across. This means lost audiences and, by extension, lost sales.

This can happen even when a text has been translated. No matter the skill level of translator, if the cultural references aren’t changed too, then the message is always going to feel like a bad fit for your target market.

That’s where a marketing translation, often referred to as transcreation, comes in. Going deeper than translation, a transcreation ensures that cultural references are also adapted to work for your target audience. This can sometimes mean restructuring your content – for example removing content that’s potentially offensive – so it delivers in the most effective way possible.

With our team of expert linguists, we’re able to confidently rework your copy in collaboration with you so it really hits home with your target geo.

International Search Engine Optimisation (ISEO)

Getting onto the first page of search results is the best way to ensure your customers will find you online. How you structure your content and the words and phrases you use makes all the difference.

While you probably know which keywords to target for your home market, it can be a challenge to get your site to shoot to the top of the rankings in an uncharted geo. How can you find out what search terms are likely to drive traffic to your site?

Whether your goal is to improve your rankings in an English-speaking market or in any of the Nordic countries, we’ve got the technical know-how to make it happen: this is what our ISEO service is all about.

If you’re new to ISEO, then read our beginner’s guide and get to grips with the basics.

Nordic market-specific copywriting​

Sometimes your target geo is so different from your home market that a completely custom approach is the only viable option. This means creating region- or country-specific campaigns that align with local customs, celebrations or cultural events, for example.

If that’s the case, then the copy you’ve written for your home market probably isn’t up to the job. If you want to tailor a campaign to a specific Nordic country, the Nordic region as a whole or an English-speaking market, then we offer market-specific copywriting services.

Provide us with your brief, USPs and pain points and we’ll come up with captivating copy that meets your specifications and works perfectly for your target market.

Cultural consultation

As well as getting your copy and campaign right for your new geo, you might have more fundamental considerations about whether your product name or imagery works for your target audience.

Is your product name already a word in the language of one of your target markets, for example? Does it potentially have negative associations that might tarnish your brand? It’s best to be sure before going full throttle into your product launch.

Likewise, certain images and symbols might be inappropriate for your target market, or simply just not reflective of your potential audience.

With our cultural consultation services, you can enter new Nordic and English-speaking geos safe in the knowledge that you’re not treading on your customers’ toes.

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