Nordic translation specialists

Sandberg is your translation partner for communications in the Nordic market. We have scalable quality solutions for all your Danish, English, Finnish, Icelandic, Norwegian and Swedish localisation needs.

Market position

More than 400 other language service companies across the world buy their Nordic translations from Sandberg. When you want to enter the Northern European market or take a Nordic product out into the wider world, we can transfer your content into your market’s languages.

Sandberg ranks in the global top 100 translation companies, surpassing over 20,000 other LSPs. We have achieved this position by focusing on only six languages.

What makes us an ideal partner is not our size, rating or client list; it is the unique specialisation which we have maintained for the past 25 years. We produce the work ourselves instead of passing it down the supply chain. Our expertise may have a narrow focus, but it is extensive.

Our story

Today, Sandberg is an employee-owned company of diverse professionals working in multiple locations in Europe. Our head office is in the UK.

However, our beginnings were very humble: Jesper Sandberg started Sandberg Translation Partners in 1995 as a one-man Danish translation business. His fearless attitude to translation technology and dedication to filling every role in the company with a qualified translator created a strong professional brand.

The acquisition of Done Information Ltd in 2001 cemented Sandberg’s shift from mainly Danish to all Nordic. Two more acquisitions followed in 2012: London/Stockholm-based Tranflex and UK-based Simply English International. The latter added translation from French and German into English to our in-house expertise.

On 31 May 2023, almost 28 years after Sandberg Translation Partners was founded, we set up an employee ownership trust. The trust now owns 100% of the shares in Sandberg. 

In-house production

We do not claim to have tens of thousands of freelance translators on our books – we believe you have more to gain from us being smart when it comes to our human resources.

Working with Sandberg’s in-house translator teams ensures consistency and continuity in your communications, whereas our trusted freelance partners make it possible for us to take on your larger projects. A dedicated project manager will deal with your order from start to finish. The client services team will talk to you about how you want to be managing your localisation two years from now. The technology specialists will make suggestions for a streamlined exchange of information between our two companies.


The role of Sandberg’s leadership is to be aware of what it is we do best and find ways of doing more of it, and better.

Our leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders. For us, being Nordic is not just about the languages we offer and speak – it also means a consultative management approach, a focus on teamwork and a belief that with great freedom comes great responsibility.

Each member of Sandberg’s senior management team is a trained translator and experienced in the business of providing translation services. They lead their teams by example through high personal standards, continuous professional development and endless peer support.


A job at Sandberg gives you an opportunity to work with collaborative colleagues in a fast-paced, high-tech environment. We are Nordic – always smart casual rather than strict formal.