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Norwegian (norsk) is a North Germanic language spoken primarily in Norway, where it is an official language. There are two official forms of written Norwegian: Bokmål (literally “book language”) and Nynorsk (literally “new Norwegian”). The Norwegian Language Council recommends that the terms “Norwegian Bokmål” and “Norwegian Nynorsk” be used in English.

Most of the work STP performs is into Norwegian Bokmål. The Norwegian pages on this website are written in Bokmål.

Around 86–90 per cent of Norwegians use Bokmål when writing, and 10–12 per cent use Nynorsk, but most spoken dialects more closely resemble Nynorsk than Bokmål. The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) broadcasts in both Bokmål and Nynorsk, and all governmental agencies are required to support both written standards. Bokmål is used in 92 per cent of all written publications, Nynorsk in 8 per cent (2000).

The Norwegian alphabet has 29 letters, including three that do not feature in the English alphabet: æ, ø, and å.

STP services

STP offers translation, revision, editing, transcreation and SEO services from English, French, German, Danish and Swedish into Norwegian, and from Norwegian into English. We translate 10–15 million words into Norwegian every year.

  • English to Norwegian
  • Danish to Norwegian
  • French to Norwegian
  • German to Norwegian
  • Swedish to Norwegian

Our team of Norwegian linguists provide translations in both official forms of Norwegian (Bokmål and Nynorsk), though the demand for Nynorsk is only 3 per cent of the demand for Bokmål.

Our experience covers a wide range of fields, with a particular focus on software and consumer electronics.

We have a couple of dedicated teams of trained Norwegian linguists working on specialist translation services for multinational technology companies that develop the most popular software operating systems and products in the world. The teams have delivered Norwegian translation volumes of 10,000,000 words for these clients, including their user documentation, user interface, marketing and website material.


STP was the first company in the UK to achieve both ISO 17100 and ISO 18587 certification. Whether the translation is done by our in-house experts or one of our carefully sourced freelancers, you can be confident that a translation produced by STP will hit the mark.


Style guide

STP has its own comprehensive style guide for Norwegian to which all our translators adhere in their work, unless a client-specific or project-specific style guide takes precedence.

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