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ISO 17100

ISO 17100 certification is awarded to language service providers who satisfy a set of requirements directly related to core processes, resource management and other key aspects of a quality translation service.

ISO 17100 certifies human resources such as translators, revisers and project managers, as well as technological resources used to aid staff and vendors in their work. The ISO 17100 standard ensures that the translation process follows specific and requisite steps including translation, revision by a second linguist and final verification. With ISO 17100 certification in place, clients are guaranteed a polished translation that has undergone several quality checks along the way.


ISO 18587

ISO 18587 certification is awarded to language service providers who satisfy official requirements for the preparation and processing of full human post-editing of machine-translated (MT) material.

ISO 18587 certification takes the competence and qualifications of post-editors into account and is intended to be used as a guideline by language service providers, their clients and the post-editors themselves. The ISO 18587 standard was created to specifically target MT output, which falls outside the scope of ISO 17100. Certification ensures that machine-translated texts are thoroughly revised by trained post-editors, resulting in a polished and fully publishable final product.