What our partners say

We want to be partners in more than words. Our stakeholders are integral to what we do, working with us to create a business and community that is second to none. Here is how some of them see us.


“Sandberg is a long-term partner of Venga Global Inc. We place high demands on our linguistic production partners and monitor them through regular dialogue and data-driven metrics. Sandberg has always risen to the challenges we have presented to them and performed well in all aspects of our collaboration. Our dialogue with them exists on all organisational levels, from knowledge exchange between the executives to detailed commenting on the translators’ solutions. We trust their business ethics and their staff’s expertise and look forward to their continued willingness to assist us with industry challenges in the future.”

Maria Granström, Global Supply Chain Manager, Venga Global Inc.

Industry association

“Sandberg has been a member of GALA since 2011 and they have been a shining example of an engaged member. With several contributions to our webinar programme and annual conference programme plus useful blogs and articles on relevant industry topics, they support GALA’s mission of sharing knowledge and help raise the visibility of the industry overall. Members of their staff have served in leadership roles for GALA and have participated in our executive forum. As a non-profit organisation, we rely on member engagement and volunteer support and we’re delighted that we can count on Sandberg year after year.”

Allison Ferch, Executive Director, Globalization and Localization Association (GALA)

Translation Technology Developer

“We have partnered with Sandberg for over ten years. When we first introduced memoQ, Sandberg were an exciting, independently-thinking company innovating ways for a translation production company to benefit from technology. Whilst many LSPs would use whatever technology their customers suggested, Sandberg made extensive use of memoQ’s APIs to integrate our tool with their own Nexus system, creating an infrastructure that provides automation not only in project management but also for data/resource management. And the interesting thing is that their fresh attitude to new technology is still there today. Sandberg as a company gives a lot back to the translation industry e.g. via their involvement in standards development, and we at memoQ are very honoured to be working with them.”

Peter Reynolds, Member of Board, memoQ Translation Technologies

Freelance translator

“I have worked as a freelancer for Sandberg since 2006 and have witnessed first hand how the company has expanded and taken on new technologies and approaches.

I have always enjoyed working for them: the PMs are very responsive and friendly, and you are given the room and tools to develop your skills as a translator. The amount of language and technology support available is far superior to anything I have experienced elsewhere. The company always pays on time and rarely haggles on rates once these have been set.

One of the more recent changes is the use of MT. The current MT engines are pretty refined, which means post-editing can be as enjoyable as translating. Despite all the changes in the last 12 years, the company is still great to work for and has not lost the personal but expert touch which really set it apart when I started.”

Richard Harandon, Freelance Translator, UK


“The Master’s Programme in Translation and Interpreting at the University of Helsinki has worked together with Sandberg Translation Partners Ltd since 2013. This partnership helps us bridge the gap between academic education and the commercial world and provides our students with access to internships and first-rate knowledge of the translation industry. The collaboration began with a project management workshop and has evolved into a five-credit, three-week Introduction to the Translation Industry course, an invaluable part of our vocational module. Sandberg’s willingness to openly share their knowledge and best practices with our students is really remarkable. In addition to partaking in the teaching, we also value Sandberg’s role in providing our recent graduates with quick access to employment in the field. We look forward to continuing this academic collaboration, improving the module with each iteration.”
Mari Pakkala-Weckström, Head of Translation and Interpreting, University of Helsinki, Finland

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