Life sciences translation services

Whether it’s medical devices, pharma, or lifestyle apps, our life sciences translation experts are constantly adapting and evolving with the industry.


Before using any pharmaceutical product, consumers tend to check the detail on labels, leaflets and summaries of product characteristics – translation is therefore required for every new drug at all stages of the development process, before it can be made commercially available across international markets. 

Medical Devices

International markets present enormous opportunities for medical device manufacturers but going global means complying with each country’s regulations; these dictate that elements such as instructions for use, packaging and embedded software must be in the language of the respective country. Our streamlined localisation solutions help your products reach new markets and comply with regulatory requirements at every stage of the process.

Health & Lifestyle apps

The demand for new digital healthcare solutions has ballooned in recent years, with over 300,000 health apps now available worldwide, focused on areas such as fitness tracking and meditation. For the user, localisation influences the product’s quality, the company’s credibility and even brand loyalty. Equally, it allows businesses to increase their app’s exposure, reach new markets and increase revenue.

Our solutions for companies in life sciences

Translation + Quality Assurance

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Comply with regulatory requirements and accelerate your time-to-market with our translation + QA service. We can work in any translation environment or file format.

Terminology Management

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Enhance efficiency and reduce your overall localisation costs by creating, managing and storing your corporate terminology properly.

Software Localisation

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Impress physicians and patients alike by localising your website, embedded software or mobile app. We offer in-context string revision.


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Guarantee the accuracy of your content with our back-translation service. Avoid any confusion, ambiguity or inaccuracy when dealing with particularly sensitive content.

5m words

of life sciences content translated per year

What kind of content do we translate?

Why Sandberg?


We are the first UK company to achieve both ISO 17100 and ISO 18587 certifications and we will go above and beyond to deliver a quality that exceeds expectations on every job.

In-house production

Our team of 70+ in-house linguists and 25+ multinational project managers will work to offer all our clients the best scalable solutions.

Tech-centric culture

Proprietary business management system, safe cloud-based infrastructure and extensive use of localisation tools means we are able to adapt to your preferred way of working.

Data security

We ensure the lawful and fair handling of all data and the privacy and trust of our clients through GDPR-compliant processes and secure file transfers.

CSA Research rankings

For 9 consecutive years, Sandberg has been listed among the top 100 language service providers in the world

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