Around 100 to 150 of the languages spoken in the world are currently translated for commercial purposes. We focus on six of them.

We specialise in translation, localisation, revision, proofreading and editing services involving Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Icelandic and English as either the source or target language. This means we can help you with a translation from German into English or from French into Finnish, for example.

Our specialisation in a handful of languages is combined with expertise in a wide range of client industries and text domains. We look forward to working on your software and website content, on your legal and financial texts, or on your life sciences and engineering projects.

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Machine translation

Machine translation (MT) has transformed the language industry. A few years ago, we invested in our own custom-built MT engines – very different from the free, generic engines available online. They boost our translators’ productivity and ensure consistency, but what makes a difference to you is the human touch we add to the machine’s output.

We were the first company in the UK to be ISO 18587-certified for machine translation post-editing. Our linguists are able to edit machine-translated output to quality-assured industry standards – the end result being a human-quality translation produced using the best technology at our disposal.

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Computer-assisted translation

The days of typing translations into word processors are numbered. Or, arguably, simply over.

We use CAT tools to streamline and standardise the translation process. They increase overall consistency and traceability, and allow for the efficient translation of many formats, meaning we can turn around your projects faster.

We have partnered with many translation technology developers over the years. Our current CAT tool of choice is memoQ, but we accept jobs in virtually any tool on the market, including SDL Trados Studio, SDL Passolo, Memsource, Across and Smartling.

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International search engine optimisation

Your website has the desired functionality, it is beautifully designed and it reads well. But now you need that website in multiple languages and you need potential clients to find it when they are looking for your type of services in their language. For this, you need search engine optimisation (SEO).

We offer international search engine optimisation (ISEO) for English and Nordic websites. You might already have a list of keywords you want to use – we can help you localise them for new markets. Or you might need to identify suitable keywords for your website content in other languages: we’ll give you a list and options, and provide you with insight into our choices.


Sometimes you want your translation to be as faithful to the original as possible. We can definitely do that. Sometimes, the impact of the message is more important than the exact words and your text needs to be individually tailored to each market. This is something at which we excel.

For these projects, we set up a team of two or even three linguists to work on creative solutions together. They will follow your brief, style guide and instructions, and we can provide you with a back translation of the target copy in order to illustrate how the final product came about.


We handle all projects in our proprietary project management system, which is linked to our in-house linguist and freelancer supplier databases. Using this system, finding previous projects and resources as well as suitable linguists only takes a few clicks. Because we maintain our own project management system, we can add custom-built, client-specific elements to it.

We can design and implement API-based integrations between the system you use to allocate localisation tasks and our internal project management system. The automated transfer of project details makes ordering quicker and more accurate – with nothing lost in translation.

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