Technical translation services for global manufacturing companies

We offer high-quality localisation services for manufacturing companies pursuing growth outside their home market.
Production sites as far apart as China and Brazil, with multiple international Research & Development centres – this is the makeup of a modern manufacturing company. With so much international trade in the manufacturing supply chain, the industry has pioneered in globalisation, and unambiguous multilingual communication has become the key to ensuring smooth operations and workplace safety.
From user manuals to product specifications and more, different content is inherently created for different audiences – your consumers probably don’t expect the same experience as technical engineers, for example. At Sandberg, we aim to localise content perfectly for the intended reader.
Whatever you produce as a manufacturing company, proprietary processes and specific terminology will invariably be used, and associated translations need to be carried out with precision and accuracy to ensure your products are marketed as intended. At Sandberg, we take terminology seriously. Before and during the translation process, we help to define and classify your corporate terminology to guarantee that it is used consistently throughout your multilingual documentation.

Technical translation expertise in multiple sectors

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Save money and maximise value

Technical documentation tends to contain regularly repeated phrases and instructions. We use translation memory technology to leverage your previous translations and thus ensure consistency across all your projects. This way, we guarantee you’ll never pay for translating the same content twice!


Machine translation in technical documentation

Technical texts may prove to be ideal for machine translation, as many are written using the active voice, contain simple sentences with consistent syntax, and adopt neutral phrasing. At Sandberg, we work with you to analyse your source content to determine whether you could benefit from the use of MT, potentially combined with human post-editing.


Reviewing your source content

If you create your content in English and use that as a source to localise into other languages, it pays to have the source reviewed by an English localisation expert prior to translation. It’s more efficient to improve consistency, cut back redundancy and harmonise terminology in the source than to handle these elements separately in each target language.

Technical translation experts

Every year we translate over 10 million words of technical documentation.

A language partner that you can trust

Our translation workflows are certified to ISO 17100 and ISO 18587 quality standards.

Sustainability reporting

Manufacturing companies are continuously improving their energy, environmental and economic performance. Transparent reporting helps demonstrate accountability and comply with legal and regulatory requirements related to sustainability.

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