Vision & values

STP’s vision is to be the world’s centre of excellence for multilingual communication in the Nordic languages and English.


We have a declared policy of always having solid in-house linguistic expertise and production capacity in all of our main target languages.

We will always have academically strong staff, and we want to be known for our genuine focus on achieving translation quality through high-level translator education and training, intelligent and optimised use of appropriate technology, comprehensive and mature workflows and innovative processes.

We aim to provide our clients with the best possible service while striving to continually improve in this respect.

We intend to conduct ourselves with personal and professional integrity and respect for our peers at all times.

We will ensure that our senior staff have a solid understanding of the commercial realities of our industry, and we will run the company on the basis of sound commercial principles and in a financially prudent manner, aiming for sustainable and responsible growth along the way.

We will actively engage with academic institutions and commercial associations with a view to furthering the standing of the translation industry and strengthening its future.


STP is committed to the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which came into force 25 May, 2018. We will work with our clients, suppliers, staff and external contacts to ensure that they too are fully compliant. The GDPR strengthens data protection laws across the EU and provides new rights for employees and individuals.

We have reviewed our processes and prepared a GDPR policy, which you can access here: STP’s GDPR Policy. We have also prepared a Client Data Security Policy, which details our responsibilities and workflows in our dual role as a data controller and a data processor. You can view this policy here: STP Client Data Security Policy.

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