How we work with you

What works for you? At Sandberg Translation Partners Limited (STP) we are guided by the specific needs of the client. Once we know what your needs are, we will also know how we can work with you to meet them.

As an ISO-certified translation solution partner experienced in tailored translation, transcreation and localisation services, we use our experience to find innovative ways to face your multilingual communication challenges.

From the occasional text requiring localisation to a steady stream of texts for translation, we have the in-house capability and structure to ensure that you get the solutions that work for you.

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How We Work With You


Providing solutions is one step up from providing services.

Our linguistic production solutions are the result of years of translating for the most valuable technology brands in the world. You can benefit from this experience by having us build solutions for you too.

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Nordic translation specialists

Finding a good localisation partner for the Nordic languages is not always easy. Luckily, we’re here to help. Our in-house expertise combined with our sizable pool of freelancers makes STP a translation company able to deal with all your Danish, English, Finnish, Icelandic, Norwegian and Swedish communication needs.

With decades of industry experience, innovation and creative thinking, we have developed methods of delivering quality translations quickly – something that has made us a recognised centre of excellence on the global stage.

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We are a company with Nordic values, which is reflected in our management style. Our leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders. For us, being Nordic is not just about the languages we offer and speak it also means a consultative management approach and a belief that with great freedom comes great responsibility.

Each member of STP’s senior management team is a trained translator and experienced in the business of providing translation services. They lead their teams by example through high personal standards, continuous professional development and endless peer support.

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Director’s Cut, take 20: Thoughts on the loo

Director’s Cut, take 20: Thoughts on the loo

Director’s Cut, take 20: Thoughts on the loo


Anu Carnegie-Brown

How long does it take to teach someone to use the loo? For some, learning this fundamental part of life apparent...

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Celebrating the European Day of Languages

Celebrating the European Day of Languages

Celebrating the European Day of Languages


Max Naylor

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Conference season is starting, and we’ll be there

Conference season is starting, and we’ll be there

Conference season is starting, and we’ll be there


Sandberg Translation Partners

This autumn and winter, STP will be attending three exciting language industry conferences. The first, the ATC S...

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“STP has always risen to the challenges we have presented to them and performed well in all aspects of our collaboration. Our dialogue with them exists on all organisational levels. We trust their business ethics and their staff’s expertise.”

Maria Granström

Global Supply Chain Manager, Venga Global Inc.

“STP has been a member of GALA since 2011 and they have been a shining example of an engaged member. With several contributions to our webinar programme and annual conference programme plus useful blogs and articles on relevant industry topics, they help raise the visibility of the industry overall.”

Allison Ferch

Executive Director, Globalization and Localization Association (GALA)

“When we first introduced memoQ, STP were an exciting, independently thinking company innovating ways for a translation production company to benefit from technology. Their fresh attitude to new technology is still there today. We are very honoured to be working with them.”

Peter Reynolds

Member of Board at memoQ

“I have always enjoyed working for them: the PMs are very responsive and friendly, and you are given the room and tools to develop your skills as a translator. The amount of language and technology support available is far superior to anything I have experienced elsewhere.”

Richard Harandon

Freelance Translator

“STP’s willingness to openly share their knowledge and best practices with our students is really remarkable. In addition to partaking in the teaching, we also value their role in providing our recent graduates with quick access to employment in the field.”

Mari Pakkala-Weckström

Head of Translation and Interpreting, University of Helsinki