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A Nordic indigenous people – a basic vocabulary of Sámi

The only indigenous people in the European Union, the Sámi people are spread across four different countries, several different areas and speak a number of different related languages – some of

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Five facts about the Finnish language

The Finnish language has a reputation for being, shall we say, challenging for foreigners to learn (some would claim impossible). Yet those who defy this reputation and decide to study Finnish

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Scandimix: a language continuum on a label

In 1896, the Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen participated in a meeting in Stockholm, where a pan-Scandinavian approach to language was discussed. The meeting was related to a wider movement described as

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It’ll be all right at the end…

By Max Naylor, Translator at STP You’ve heard of cosy hygge (the Danish “art of cosiness”), maybe you’ve come across the Swedish perfectly adequate phenomenon of lagom (“just right”) and perhaps even tough old sisu: Finnish

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6 facts about the Norwegian language

  When learning a new language, it is always useful to get familiar with its origins, history and those little details that make it unique. If you are thinking about learning

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Localisation insights: the Nordic market

Comprising Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and their associated territories, the Nordic countries are geographically located in Northern Europe. Spanning almost 1.2 million square kilometres, the Nordic countries are home to around

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How your LSP can beat the Nordic summer shutdown

There’s something you should know about people from the Nordic countries. And it’s something that could save you – and your clients – a lot of bother over the next three

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Our favourite Nordic Christmas traditions

What are the traditions that make Christmas in the Nordic countries special? Here are four of our favourites, as described for you by some of STP’s resident Danes, Finns, Norwegians and

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Advent in Denmark: A lesson in hygge

By Junie Haller, Danish in-house translator December is here, the old year is drawing to a close and – in Scandinavia at least – the days are getting shorter and darker.

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