The independent market research firm, Common Sense Advisory, lists STP as the 81st largest translation service provider (LSP) in the world.

Common Sense Advisory (CSA) has published its annual report on the language services market, in which it lists the top 100 LSPs around the globe. According to the report, STP is the 81st largest translation service provider in the world and in the top 20 LSPs operating in northern Europe.

STP’s market niche is different from the others on the CSA list. The world’s largest LSPs provide a range of globalisation solutions in a wide selection of languages. STP only translates into six languages, yet the volumes we handle are great enough for us to be included in this list with industry giants. STP’s Managing Director, Anu Carnegie-Brown, considers this a key strength of the company: “Our vision has always been to be the world’s centre of excellence for multilingual communication in the Nordic languages and English.”

STP’s business model is also different: Out of our 120 employees, only 25 are project managers, while 70 are full-time in-house translators. STP’s Operations Manager, Susan Hoare, comments: “Our staff make-up sets us apart from other major LSPs. We have large teams of in-house linguists translating both into the Nordic languages and into English, whereas most other LSPs outsource their translation work to freelancers.”

The period under scrutiny in the new CSA report was a time of consolidation at STP. While 2016 was a year of considerable revenue growth, in 2017 we concentrated on integrating the new business into our teams and processes. Despite the shifting landscape of the translation industry and the emerging technology solutions shaking up the traditional services, STP has maintained its position without any drastic changes to its operations.

For STP, delivering a high standard end-user product and adhering strictly to niche expertise are crucial to succeeding in today’s translation industry. Anu Carnegie-Brown states: “Like all translation companies, we provide the world with multilingual access to products and services, but what sets us apart from many others is our determination to keep the art of translation at the heart of everything we do.”

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Common Sense Advisory is an independent market research company helping companies to profitably grow their international businesses and gain access to new markets and new customers. Its focus is on assisting its clients to operationalise, benchmark, optimise, and innovate industry best practices in translation, localisation, interpreting, globalisation and internationalisation.

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