A warm welcome to Leeds

In early 2019, STP opened a new UK office in Leeds, which is now our fifth European branch. Leeds and Yorkshire are familiar territory for many among STP’s staff who have studied or lived there. In addition to having staff members with links to the Leeds area, STP enjoys close collaboration and knowledge exchange with local universities, particularly with the University of Leeds’ Centre for Translation Studies (CTS).

The new office was made ready for the first staff members at the beginning of February after securing a central location for the new space.  Setting up this small branch of STP in Yorkshire is an exciting beginning in a new – albeit familiar – home.

Championing green values

In 2017, STP took action to make environmental issues part of everyday business at our offices by creating the company’s first environmental policy. One of the items on the list was recruiting “Green Champions” from the offices to act as volunteers who make sure that the environment is on the agenda when the offices make purchases, organise events and make decisions about products and services.

In 2019, our Green Champions will be involved in organising and supervising environmental activities and initiatives and promoting environmental awareness at the offices and at STP in general. In addition to the many office-based volunteers, we even have two who work remotely!

This year so far, the Green Champions have organised a company-wide vegan fika (or coffee morning), set up a battery collection point in our Whiteley office, arranged a plastic bottle top collection drive in our Varna office and made energy savings in Varna by lowering the thermostat temperature and turning off air-conditioning units and water heaters when they are not needed.


Daniel Field is a Project Manager and one of STP’s newest Green Champions. He joined the Whiteley volunteers this year. He finds even the small changes that the team are able to make encouraging: “If a few people can instigate small changes across a company and reach perhaps more than 150 people that way, our actions have a much bigger impact than just me doing the same thing at home.”

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