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Language Combinations

STP’s Norwegian translation services are primarily from English and to a lesser extent from German, French and the other Nordic languages. See language combinations below. In 2013 we translated over 8 million words into Norwegian.

  • English to Norwegian translation
  • Danish to Norwegian translation
  • French to Norwegian translation
  • German to Norwegian translation
  • Swedish to Norwegian translation

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About the language

See also the Wikipedia page on the Norwegian language.

Norwegian (norsk) is a North Germanic language spoken primarily in Norway, where it is an official language. There are two official forms of written Norwegian: Bokmål (literally “book language”) and Nynorsk (literally “new Norwegian”). The Norwegian Language Council recommends the terms “Norwegian Bokmål” and “Norwegian Nynorsk” in English.

Most of the Norwegian work STP carries out is translated into Norwegian Bokmål.

Around 86-90% of Norwegians use Bokmål as their daily written language, and 10-12% use Nynorsk, although most spoken dialects resemble Nynorsk more closely than Bokmål. The Norwegian broadcasting corporation (NRK) broadcasts in both Bokmål and Nynorsk, and all governmental agencies are required to support both written languages. Bokmål is used in 92% of all written publications, Nynorsk in 8% (2000).

The Norwegian alphabet has 29 letters, including three that do not exist in the English alphabet: æ, ø, and å.
Norwegian Bokmål and Danish are very similar languages, but differences between them do exist. The written languages are usually mutually comprehensible, with the primary differences being in pronunciation and in the sound system as a whole. The Norwegian pages on this website are written in Bokmål.

Style guide

STP has its own comprehensive style guide for Norwegian that all our translators endeavour to adhere to in their work, unless a client-specific or project-specific style guide takes precedence.

Language assets

By virtue of specialising in a select number of languages, STP can justify and afford to invest in comprehensive in-house reference materials, both linguistic and domain-specific.

We have a very extensive range of general and specialised dictionaries in electronic or hard copy format, accessible to all our in-house translators. Clients should always feel free to enquire which specific reference materials we have used while producing a given translation.

Thanks to STP having been in business since 1995, having invested in technology from an early stage and having achieved a considerable scale of operations, all our in-house translators have access to server-based translation memories containing many millions of words previously translated by us or added from other publicly available reference sources such as the European Union, European Medicines Agency and Microsoft. For the English-Norwegian language combination we have well over 40 million words of such content in our in-house server translation memories, which are an enormously valuable source of terminology inspiration to our in-house translators.

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