Who we work for

At Sandberg, we’re passionate about good communication. We want businesses to speak with messages that are clear, compelling and confidence-inspiring. We know that in different industries it requires a different approach. That’s why we have tailored solutions for each vertical market.

Software localisation services

Get your app speaking to the world’s most digitally connected audiences in their own language.

Life science translation services

Whether it’s medical devices, pharma, or lifestyle apps, our life sciences translation experts are constantly adapting and evolving with the industry.

Financial translation services

We’ve the expertise and professionalism to deliver your financial translation to a tight schedule while maintaining accuracy and full confidentiality.

Technical translation services for global manufacturing companies

We offer high-quality localisation services for manufacturing companies pursuing growth outside their home market.

Multilingual marketing and ISEO services

We’ve got the expertise to make sure you can reach your target market: whether that’s in the Nordic region, the UK or the US.

Localisation services for websites & e-commerce

Easily create, launch or update multilingual websites and online stores to attract and engage with customers across languages and regions.

Localisation options for going global

Understanding that different types of content may require different strategies can save you time and money and help your localisation provider provide the best solution for every piece of content.


  • Documentation
  • Help pages
  • Legal content


  • Software strings
  • UX text


  • Webpages
  • Social posts
  • Blog posts

Let’s talk about what Sandberg can do for your business

Find out more about how we can we work with you on your next project.

Our language solutions

Our localisation and translation solutions are
tailor-made to fit your needs.


Translation is the core of our offering. We can work in any translation environment or file format.


We can maintain your terminology resources or create them from scratch, so you can keep your content consistent across different touch point.

Software localisation

Impress local users by localising your website, or mobile app. We offer in-context string revision.

Why Sandberg?

Of the dozens of compelling reasons to work with a translation agency like Sandberg, we’ve whittled it down to three that we think really matter to you.

Technology expertise

We offer language solutions that are data-driven and technology-enabled to streamline and accelerate global business.

Best-in-class quality

We’re known for our exacting standards and ISO compliance, meeting or exceeding our clients’ quality expectations on every single job.

Speed without compromise

We’re able to work to tight deadlines and still deliver the top-notch quality you expect.