Kilgray memoQ

Kilgray memoQ

Having used a wide variety of CAT tools since the mid-1990s, including primarily the Trados range of products, STP decided in early 2012 to embark on a long-term, company-wide strategic deployment of Kilgray memoQ as our preferred CAT tool. We run our memoQ server internally and have nearly 100 project manager and translator licences. The majority of our regular freelancers have now also acquired their own memoQ licence.

One of our core objectives has been to avoid our in-house translators having to work in a dozen different CAT tools, depending on whichever tool each of our clients chooses to use. Focusing on a single tool enables our translators to become highly skilled and proficient users of that tool, thus improving their efficiency and productivity while minimising the risk of technical errors.

Here are some of the main reasons why we chose memoQ:

Excellent functionality for project management, translation and revision; we consider it to be one of the most powerful CAT tools on the market.

It is also one of the fastest CAT tools we have worked with.

Support for file formats from other CAT tools is better than in any of the competing products.

Ongoing development by Kilgray to optimise existing features and introduce new ones, with short release cycles.

Very highly regarded and prompt technical support.

memoQ already has industry-leading support for original file formats as well as intermediary file formats from many other CAT tools, and STP has utilised this and supplemented it with solutions of our own to ensure totally robust pre- and post-conversion workflows for the file formats from most of the other CAT tools that our clients may use.

User training and certification

STP has developed extensive internal memoQ training materials to supplement those provided by Kilgray, including a comprehensive intranet wiki and a dozen recorded video webinars.

A number of our translators and project managers have obtained official Kilgray memoQ user certification and continually improve their skills and knowledge of the tool.

Growing Together

STP is a member of the Kilgray Growing Together partner programme and derives many benefits from it. Fundamentally we feel that we are well-aligned with Kilgray’s professional and commercial values and philosophies, and as a Growing Together partner we can foster a closer relationship with both Kilgray and other Growing Together partner companies.


Each year in May, Kilgray organises its international memoQfest user conference in Budapest. This is an excellent event to attend in order to learn how to use the memoQ products to their fullest potential and to connect with other enthusiastic and skilled memoQ users. Held in the beautiful city of Budapest, it is also a fun and very enjoyable event to attend, and STP usually has several staff members attending each year.

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