File engineering

STP’s IT staff and project managers have strong skills across a wide range of file formats and tools, enabling us to take on assignments involving virtually any file format or software program.

Whether we simply have to follow client instructions or can see a benefit in applying a critical assessment and possible manipulation of file formats and content, we always ensure 100% technical integrity in the file formats delivered back to our clients.

We regularly help clients solve problems with unusual file formats and software versions involved in a translation assignment, whether it’s for the purpose of initial quoting or to ensure expedient processing of the text content during the translation process. Challenges of this nature have diminished a little in recent years thanks to positive developments and convergence between technical standards combined with better file format support and interoperability between different software applications, including in particular CAT tools. However, many challenges remain, and STP is always able to make an analytical and critical assessment of the file formats and content involved in an assignment and propose expedient solutions to our clients and employ such solutions on our own initiative.

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