We’re Sandberg, a leading international language service provider. We provide professional translation and localisation services to our clients, helping them communicate their message to new audiences.

If you have a flair for languages, and you’re interested in online projects that can be completed from home, then we’d love to hear from you! For this work, you don’t have to be a qualified translator. 

We are looking for people who: 

  • are native speakers of West Greenlandic
  • can collaborate with us remotely as independent contractors 
  • have a good grasp of linguistics (understand the terminology around grammar and semantics) 
  • have attention to detail (punctuation, spacing, special characters) 
  • are flexible (the volume of tasks shifts, guidelines may shift mid-stream) 
  • are fast learners 
  • have solid English language skills. 

Your tasks will include: 

  • Translation (English into West Greenlandic) 
  • Revision (English into West Greenlandic) 
  • Other linguistic tasks assigned to you as requirements arise 

We will expect you to: 

  • Use a multitude of software tools, including translation environment tools 
  • Use a host of linguistic resources 
  • Follow different translation workflows for different project types 
  • Understand different translation and quality control processes 

Duration and workload 

  • Before being approved, we’ll test you with an aptitude test 
  • Once in our community, you’ll be offered projects on an ad hoc basis
  • You should be prepared for fluctuation in volume of tasks 

About Sandberg

Sandberg is a UK-based company with staff in the UK, Bulgaria and the Nordic countries. We’re a solution partner experienced in tailored translation, transcreation and localisation services. We use our experience to find innovative ways to face your multilingual communication challenges.