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TECH TIPS – Translating PDFs

We all deal with a lot of PDFs sent to us by clients because it’s the only format available to them for that particular doc. That doesn’t automatically mean that these

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A free tool for more creative and productive home working

Whatever your role in the language services industry, there’s a good chance you have to spend at least some of your time working from home. If you enjoy working independently, dislike

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PDF files bugging you? These time-saving shortcuts might help

They say that cockroaches will outlive us all. But there is, in fact, one other hardy little creature that’ll still be scuttling across the earth’s barren surface long after we’ve all

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9 advanced Google search tips for translators

A good translator needs to be a good researcher. And to be a good researcher, it helps to know your way around Google. Adam Dahlstöm, STP’s language technology manager, knows more

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Cheat sheet for SDL Trados Studio 2014

As an ISO 17100-certified Nordic translation company, we wouldn’t normally recommend taking shortcuts. When it comes to working in SDL Trados Studio 2014, however, we positively insist that you use every

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A simple trick for better proofreading

Read your work aloud. It’s an eternally popular piece of proofreading advice, and for good reason. When you read your work out loud, typos and omissions become more obvious. Awkward sentences

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How to batch-rename files with Advanced Renamer

Nobody enjoys renaming batches of files. But everyone likes useful tools – especially when they’re free. Advanced Renamer is very handy, costs nothing and exists purely to make batch-renaming files quick

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Keyboard shortcuts in memoQ 2015

Did you know that there are 124 keyboard shortcuts in memoQ 2015? And those are just the preassigned defaults. You can create shortcuts for dozens more functions, and edit existing hotkeys,

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Save time in Outlook with Quick Steps

Ever feel like you spend more time managing emails than doing actual billable translation work? If you’re nodding a vigorous YES, here’s something you might find helpful. In Outlook 2010 and

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How to set character counters and alerts in Excel

Your client has asked you to translate directly in Excel. What’s more, they’ve set a strict limit of 50 characters per target cell. Excel does not have an in-built character checker. And nobody has time

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