Date:September, 2017

Director’s Cut, take 13: Give and take

Voluntary engagement in the affairs of your industry is a matter of give and take. In fact, the giving and taking are often so intertwined that they become indistinguishable from each

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TECH TIPS – Hidden text in Word documents

We often find ourselves in situations where clients send us MS Word files that also come with metatext or information that the client includes to help us. This snippet below, for

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Tech Tips – Cascading filtering and sorting

Sometimes you may want to isolate segments of a source document to run specific checks or to see if everything looks right with certain tags or terms. Modern CAT tools have

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Director’s Cut, take 12: And then there were fewer

Another month, another acquisition. Private equity investors have deemed the highly-fragmented language market to be ripe for consolidation, and right in front of our eyes, consolidation is happening. Larger language service

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Tech Tips – Tag optimisation

You may receive an OCRed document for translation that, when pulled into a CAT tool, contains a lot of inline tags that only refer to font size or font format (bold,

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TECH TIPS – Optimising Excel sheet content

Have you ever received an Excel sheet from a client that sends you insane as you try to figure out the exact word count it has? Often clients send sheets where

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