Trados 2007/Studio 2014

Trados 2007/Studio 2014

The founder of STP, Jesper Sandberg, started working with Trados version 1 for DOS in the early 1990s and was one of the very first translators in the UK to buy the first version for Microsoft Windows in 1996. Since then, Trados products have been part and parcel of STP’s workflows. Over the years, many of STP’s project managers and translators have become very proficient with Trados 2007, Trados TM Server 2006 and the different versions of SDL Trados Studio. Over the years wWe have created numerous customised solutions to optimise our use of the software, including QC and consistency checking as well as Excel integration before Trados supported these features.

Since 2012 we have gradually phased out our use of Trados 2007 wherever possible. We do still receive a lot of work in the old Trados formats, and of course we fully support our clients who prefer to stay with these older versions. We also maintain a handful of licences for the latest version of SDL Trados Studio, and all of our translators are proficient with it. Insofar as possible we now use a “round-tripping” workflow that enables us to handle almost all Trados projects in memoQ. It goes without saying that this is done in such a way that the actual translation work is always carried out at least as well as would have been the case in the original tool (and usually better), and that we ensure 100% technical integrity of all files that we deliver back to our clients.

User certification

In addition to most of our in-house and freelance translators having reasonable proficiency in SDL Trados Studio, we also have a handful of internal staff members who have achieved certification in SDL Trados Studio 2014.

SDL LSP Partner Program

STP is a member of the SDL LSP Partner programme, as we recognise that the different versions of the Trados CAT tool continue to be the most widely used in our industry, and we want to support our clients who prefer to use these.

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