We strive to provide an unbeatable balance of quality and value for money, tailored for translation company clients.


Our rates may not match those of the cheapest translation providers, but nor are they any higher than those of many good and well-established freelancers. Combined with our team of experienced, innovative and service-minded project managers plus our strong technical skills, it’s easy to see how we are able to add value to almost all translation projects. Our rates are probably most cost-effective for multi-language projects and regular repeat business, where we may be able to offer small discounts on our standard rates due to cost savings achieved through well-coordinated project management and intelligent usage of translation tools.

There are two types of obvious savings for our clients:

  • Your administration time when you buy multiple target languages from us
  • Your administration time and total project cost when you buy both translation and revision from us

Contact us by e-mail for a full price list in EUR, GBP or USD. Rates based on Nordic source word count are slightly higher than rates based on English source text. This is to compensate for the fact that there are usually fewer words in a Nordic text than in the equivalent English text due to structural differences between the languages. We usually estimate Danish, Norwegian and Swedish to have 10-20% fewer words than an equivalent English text, and Finnish as much as 40-50% fewer words.

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