Around 80% of all text STP translates is into the Nordic languages.


We often get asked why a translation into one of our Nordic languages is shorter than the English source, why hyphenation is different, or why words and even product names are conjugated. Under these language links you will find information about our languages and some common grammatical and punctuation rules.

As a general rule, the Nordic languages will have fewer words when compared to the English equivalent. This is mainly due to their use of compound words (words written together), and in the case of Finnish, synthetic rather than analytic grammar. We usually estimate Danish, Norwegian and Swedish to have 10-20% fewer words than an equivalent English text, and Finnish as much as 40-50% fewer words than the English.

Nordic target languages

English target language


Other target languages

STP is always happy to assist other translation companies with work from English into other target languages on an ad-hoc basis. Please send us your enquiry by e-mail.

Domains & document types

STP regularly translates text from a wide range of specialised domains, including those listed below. Broadly speaking, the main volumes of text that we work with are technical/engineering, automotive, financial, legal, commercial, medical, IT/consumer electronics, tourism and travel. Please feel free to enquire about further details of our domain-specific translation experience.

Accounting, agriculture, architecture, automotive, aviation, beauty/cosmetics, biotech, business operations, chemistry, civil engineering, communications, computer networks, construction, consumer electronics, e-commerce, e-learning, electrical engineering, energy, entertainment industry, environment, EU, financial, food & drink, forestry, furniture, government & politics, health & safety, household goods, human resources, information & search services, insurance, legal, mechanical engineering, medical, military, mining, musical instruments, office equipment, oil & gas, power generation, railway, shipping, social networking, software, sports & leisure, teaching & leisure, teaching & education, tourism & travel, trade & transportation.

The texts we translate are used for many different purposes, come in many different document types and are published in many different ways. Here is a listing of some of the most common document/content types we work with.

Annual report, book, brochure, certificate, clinical trial, code of conduct, contract, e-learning material, ERP, EULA, field safety notice, full prospectus, graphics / multimedia, instructions, insurance policy, key investor information document, labelling, legal agreement, legislation, letter to shareholders, litigation, marketing/promotional material, medical device manual, minutes, newsletter, online help, packaging, patent, press release, report, safety data sheet, simplified prospectus, questionnaire, slideshow, software user interface, summary of product characteristics, survey, technical manual, tender, text strings/lists, training material, transcript, user guidelines, user manual, website, workshop manual.

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