Information management

Information overload is a real risk these days. It can be difficult to know what information is available to help you in a given situation and where to find it. At STP we try hard to enable everyone in the company to benefit from the valuable skills and knowledge that our various staff members possess and all the data and information that the company accumulates over time.

“Knowledge is power” and “sharing is good”, as the sayings go, but at the same time STP is also very aware of the need for confidentiality and professional secrecy regarding much of the information that we acquire. We take our duty of confidentiality very seriously and are always willing to sign NDAs when our clients need us to.

Client materials

All client materials are handled in confidence and archived in STP’s well-structured server folders. All project details are recorded in our Project Management Database. During the life span of a project, clients are provided with a project quotation as well as order acknowledgement and delivery e-mails specifying the project scope, costing and delivery details.



STP’s intranet gives all our staff easy access to information on a wide range of topics relevant to their daily work, as shown in the following screenshots.


As part of our in-house translators’ daily work, they continually come across and collate Intranet links to useful research and terminology sources as well as general translation industry information. Whenever new links are added, all in-house translators are notified. There are currently over 500 such reference sources across many commonly occurring and some pretty rare domains. There is a certain focus on English and Nordic content, but many other languages are represented too. We are happy to share these with all professional translators. Please click here to open our linguistic resource links in a new browser tab.


STP has several internal wikis, the most important of which are listed here. These give our staff access to large volumes of valuable, searchable key word-indexed information.

Internal IT information for STP

Project management FAQs and guidelines

Special client instructions

memoQ tips and training

Machine translation and post-editing

Industry news from the Premium edition of Jost Zetzsche’s Tool Box Journal, archived in an indexed and searchable database


Special client instructions

Detailed information on our clients’ workflows, tools, preferences and reference materials are stored in our “Special Client Instructions” documents and wiki, which are updated regularly and used by STP’s project managers to offer the best possible service taking into account the requirements and expectations of each of our clients and their clients in turn.


Tool FAQs

We have gathered hundreds of hints, tips and troubleshooting instructions for various applications, with the emphasis on Trados 2007 features and solving Trados problems. However, there are also lots of handy instructions for Microsoft Word and Excel, Adobe Acrobat and other applications. These tool FAQs serve as easy introductions to useful features and solutions to commonly occurring problems that translators face every day. Click here to open STP’s Tool FAQs in a new browser tab.


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