In-house training



All new staff members joining STP undergo a week-long induction training period, which introduces them to STP as a company, its processes and workflows, and the tools used in the daily working lives of a translator or a project manager. New staff also get the opportunity to shadow a senior member of their team, and to learn the ins and outs of STP’s production workflows through practice projects.

Much of the induction training focuses on CAT tools and their use in an optimal, efficient manner. During the training, STP’s “newbies” learn about the history and the current state of the translation tools market as well as the practical application of these tools in a fast-paced production environment. The main objective of the CAT tools element in our induction training is to teach new staff to understand them and lead them on the way to mastering the key concepts, resources and workflows of one major CAT tool, memoQ. Once the principles are in hand, it is easy for even a relatively new recruit to take up and start using other CAT tools, which is an important skill at STP.


Translator training

STP’s translators handle translation projects in a wide variety of domains and across many different text types. They use different CAT tools depending on the nature of the project and our client’s requirements. Internal training is offered regularly in, for example, the IT, financial and medical domains, best-practice workflows and research, CAT and productivity tools. All training is recorded and accompanied by easy-to-use instructions and user guides available to both internal and external suppliers.

Project manager training

STP’s project manager training concentrates on efficient client service and optimised use of CAT tools in the preparation of translation projects, as well as advanced problem solving and troubleshooting skills. Monthly PM meetings and case studies on challenging projects presented by fellow PMs promote the sharing of skills and knowledge.

Most of STP’s project managers are translators by training, and they are encouraged not only to learn the project management side of using technology and productivity tools, but also to fully understand and support our translators in their daily linguistic work.


Senior management training

Most of STP’s senior managers regularly attend industry events such as conferences, roundtables, forums and workshops to help ensure that we always keep up to date with industry developments. We endeavour to have a sound balance of skills regarding the commercial, technical, marketing, HR, vocational, qualitative and performance aspects of running a translation company. To delve deeper into specific areas that are interesting or challenging to us, we utilise online self-study materials and specialist books, and we also occasionally engage outside consultants to help assess our knowledge and performance and guide us in the right direction. We have close relations with our accountants and the company’s financial advisor to always ensure prudent and responsible financial management.


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