In accordance with STP’s certification to the ISO 17100 standard, we carry out translation as a highly skilled professional discipline.

We are not allowed to quote directly from the ISO 17100 standard, so the following is a paraphrasing of what the standard says.

The translator transfers the meaning in the source language to the target language in order to produce a text which is in accordance with the rules of the linguistic system of the target language and which meets the relevant project instructions.

Throughout this process, the translator pays attention to the following:

  • a) Appropriate domain terminology, any client-specific terminology or any other terminology provided and terminology consistency throughout the translation.
  • b) Grammar, including syntax, spelling, punctuation, orthotypography and diacritical marks.
  • c) Lexical cohesion and phraseology.
  • d) Compliance with any style guide issued for the work, including register and language variants.
  • e) Locale conventions and regional standards.
  • f) Formatting, i.e. the formatting of the target language document matches that of the source language document.
  • g) Intended readership and purpose of the translation

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