Where STP’s client has ordered revision, it is carried out as follows on the original translation by a second, independent linguist who has the appropriate competence in the source and target languages.

The reviser examines the translation for its suitability for purpose, including comparison of the target text against the source text for completeness, correct meaning and appropriate terminology, consistency, register and style.

The reviser corrects all errors in meaning, understanding, spelling, grammar and punctuation while also checking the clarity and flow of the text. S/he will also endeavour to improve the style and idiomatic quality if necessary.

Although the reviser will not generally repeat the translator’s terminology research or verify domain-specific terminology, s/he will act spontaneously on anything causing suspicion about the terminology in the translation.

STP also undertakes revision of translations not carried out by our company. All such work will be charged on the basis of actual time spent, which will be advised upon delivery. We cannot accept revision-only work with fixed or pre-determined time limits. We estimate that a reviser is able to revise and check approximately 1,300-1,500 words per hour, but this can vary greatly depending on the quality of the translation, the subject area and format of the text. If the translation is of a poor quality, we always endeavour to notify the client as soon as this is discovered, so that a decision can be made whether the translation should be sent back to the original translator or if more time may be allocated for the revision. The revision always starts with the assumption that the translator has researched and is responsible for all terminology. The reviser will not double-check terminology unless, based on their own experience, they suspect that it is incorrect. We recommend that all revision changes are approved by the original translator, and any queries directed to them.

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