Proofreading / ”final eye”

“Proofreading” is defined in the ISO 17100 in the original meaning of the word as used in the fields of typography and printing, i.e. checking proof documents before publishing.

Many of STP’s clients use the term “proofreading” to refer more or less to what we at STP call “revision“ pursuant to the terminology used in the ISO 17100 standard. If this is evident from communication with our client, we will carry out our “revision” task even when our client calls it “proofreading” and uses this word in their order confirmation. In cases of doubt, we will always seek to clarify this issue before commencing work on the task.

Some of our clients do ask us to carry out proofreading of documents in the traditional sense of the word, regardless of whether we have translated the text or not. We are always happy to assist with this type of task, provided that the exact scope is always agreed before each task.

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