At STP we operate with the concept of “finalisation” of a translation.

This is not a process step that is clearly defined or specified in the ISO 17100 standard, but the standard does say in relation to revision that the reviser’s recommendations must be taken into account while any necessary corrections are made to the translation.

At STP, revision changes are usually implemented into the translation file by the reviser “on the fly”. Our “finalisation” stage then involves the original translator reviewing and considering the changes made to the translation and any additional comments, observations or recommendations the reviser may have made.

After reviewing the revision changes and ensuring they are all correctly implemented, and any comments, observations or recommendations have been acted on, the finaliser then spellchecks the translation and may also run additional mechanical quality control checks before reporting to our project manager that the task is complete.

Occasionally the finalisation step may be amalgamated with the revision step, i.e. the reviser acts as both the reviser and finaliser, meaning that s/he will make any final decisions needed on matters that s/he would otherwise normally have drawn to the translator’s attention in the form of comments, observations or recommendations.

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