Obligation of Professional Secrecy

STP regularly signs confidentiality or non-disclosure agreements when asked to do so by our clients, The terms of such agreements generally require STP to ensure that all STP employees and sub-contractors accept to be bound by an obligation of professional secrecy. During the course of your working relationship with STP you may be required to undertake work covered by such agreements or work of a highly sensitive nature. It is, therefore, vitally important that you understand the need for strict confidentiality in all aspects of your work carried out for STP.

Acceptance of each order confirmation sent to you by STP means that you undertake not to disclose to any person nor to copy or use for any purpose whatsoever any confidential information relating to the business affairs or trade secrets of STP, clients, working partners or suppliers, including but not limited to information about STP’s clients, employees and subcontractors, prices or any other matter or information about STP and its business or the business of STP’s clients that is not freely available to the public.

Your undertaking of professional secrecy as outlined above shall last indefinitely.

There is a link on all STP Purchase Orders to the Translation & Revision Guidelines and the Obligation of Professional Secrecy that we expect all our translators to adhere to.

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