Industry engagement

STP is a member of a significant number of translation industry associations whose work we support wholeheartedly.

We applaud and try to contribute as best we can to the great efforts by the many volunteers working in these bodies to promote greater quality awareness, quality standards, training of young translators, continuing professional development, high standards of professional integrity and corporate ethics, sound and fair business practices, technical standards, optimised use of technology and productive networking opportunities.

STP has gained invaluable industry insights by attending conferences, workshops, webinars etc. arranged by these organisations, and we strongly encourage other industry professionals to support them and benefit from what they have to offer.

Click on the logos to go to the relevant websites if you would like to learn more about each organisation’s main activities and areas of focus.


Founded in 1976, the UK Association of Translation Companies is one of the world’s oldest professional groups representing the interests of translation companies. STP has been a member since the early 2000s, and our managing director, Jesper Sandberg, served as the vice-chairman of the association between 2010 and 2017. STP always turns out in force for the ATC conference in September each year, an event which Jesper now helps to organise.
Membership of the European Union of Associations of Translation companies (EUATC) is by affiliation with the ATC. STP has attended the annual EUATC conference most years since 2009.


The Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) was founded in 2002 and is the world’s largest association for the language industry. It is a non-profit organisation with a very wide remit and extensive fields of activity, providing resources, education, knowledge and research for the greater good of the industry. The highlight of the year is the annual Business of Language conference, which is a high-profile event of very high calibre. GALA includes a light entertainment element in the conference in the form of its Film Fest, and STP has submitted its own contribution in recent years. Click here to see these brief video clips that show some of STP’s staff in action.

In 2014-2015, STP’s managing director, Jesper Sandberg, served as the secretary of GALA’s Board of Directors, helping to ensure good governance and determining the strategy and goals of the association.


Common Sense Advisory (CSA) is a company that undertakes comprehensive and varied research relating to the global translation industry. STP was a paying member of Common Sense Advisory in 2009, 2010 and 2012, with full access to the market research they undertook and published during those years. In many cases we gained valuable market insight from reading CSA research and were aided in making various decisions on our marketing efforts, technology investments, quality assurance endeavours, HR policies etc.

MultiLingual Computing, Inc.

STP subscribes to Multilingual Magazine, which is published by Multilingual Computing, Inc. and described as “…the information source for the localization, internationalization, translation and language technology industry.” Most of STP’s senior managers and many other staff enjoy reading the magazine to learn about current industry developments and digging deeper into some of the topics featured. The hard copy usually ends up dog-eared on our lunch table, so it’s convenient for subscribers also to have access to a digital version of each issue.


The Translation Automation User Society (TAUS) describes itself as “…an innovation think tank and platform for industry-shared services, resources and research for the translation sector globally”. The organisation’s focus and main efforts centre around machine translation, which is why STP joined, i.e. in order to ensure that we have access to research, best practice use cases, data resources and training materials relating to statistical machine translation and human post-editing.

You can read the April edition of TAUS’s quarterly magazine here.


The Institute of Translation & Interpreting (ITI) is the UK’s only dedicated association for practising translation and interpreting professionals. Several of STP’s senior managers and some of our translators have been individual members of the ITI, and STP has been a corporate member of ITI since 2009. More than 3,000 translators and interpreters benefit from the great efforts by the ITI to uphold high professional standards and from the wide range of services the institute provides to its members. Many of STP’s regular English freelance translators are individual members of the ITI and adhere to the institute’s professional code of conduct.

Localization World

Localization World conferences are held three times a year in different parts of the world. These conferences are for end clients in the hi-tech and software sectors and the LSPs and technology providers serving them. STP has attended some LocWorld events in the last few years and always enjoyed interacting with industry colleagues and, unusually for us, getting an insight into and a better understanding of the challenges facing large end clients/translation buyers in the IT sector. This in turn helps us better understand what we can do to help our clients that work for these big end clients.


The European Language Industry Association (ELIA) is committed to providing a forum for exchange, fostering the development of business relationships with fellow members and other related international organisations, and promoting the concept of ethics and quality standards throughout the industry.

STP joined ELIA in early 2011 and has since attended many of their Networking Days events. These are very well-organised and highly informative events with a really friendly, relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

Our operations manager, Anu Carnegie-Brown, is actively involved in the ELIA Exchange programme to develop a framework and resource package that aims to facilitate internships in translation companies for recent language graduates or students in the later stages of their course.


Translators without Borders (TWB), a US-based non-profit organisation focused on spreading knowledge through humanitarian translations, unveiled its initial round of sponsors at Localization World Barcelona in June 2011. STP’s was amongst a number of other industry leaders pledging their support to TWB’s work, and we renew our sponsorship each year.
The mission of TWB (initially founded in France as Traducteurs sans frontières) is to translate knowledge for humanity. TWB has met that mission through quality humanitarian translations provided by a community of trained translators to vetted NGOs who focus on health, nutrition and education.

The decision taken by STP’s managing director, Jesper Sandberg, to support the work of TWB was based on his encounters at the AMTA conference in Denver in October 2010, where he heard and met users of translation services in less commercial settings than those STP usually deals with. “To be reminded of how diplomats, intelligence agencies and aid workers rely on translations when making life-or-death decisions, or how refugees end up living in a vacuum due to the lack of appropriate interpreters, really puts our daily commercial realities into a humanitarian perspective,” he says.

STP is pleased to be involved in sustaining and growing Translators without Borders, which has made great progress in recent years in the volume of translations handled, facilitated partly by a technology platform developed by that includes a fully automated Translation Center for NGOs. As a result, TWB is able to provide free translations to hundreds of non-profits by automatically linking volunteers to projects that need translation. All work for Translators without Borders is currently carried out by unpaid volunteer translators.


The Association of Language Companies (ALC) in the USA is a national trade association representing businesses that provide translation, interpretation, localisation and language training services.

A dynamic group of entrepreneurs founded the association for the purpose of delivering timely information and tools to members to ensure that every company delivers the highest quality translation and interpretation, generates more sales and increases profits.

As part of STP’s strategic effort to expand our client circle in the USA, we joined the ALC in the autumn of 2009 and have since attended most of their highly professional and well-attended conferences. The website for the most recent year’s conference is here. Going “across the pond” definitely adds some new dimensions for a European translation supplier, and STP has forged strong bonds with many US LSPs since 2009, partly through our membership of the ALC.

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