Freelancer testimonials

As is plainly evident from the following testimonials, our regular freelancers really like working with STP and feel that we offer interesting work, good technical (and moral!) support and pay on time. Maybe that’s because we really understand what it’s like to be a translator, since all but three of STP’s staff members are fully qualified translators, including our senior management team. If you are a freelancer and would like to be considered for inclusion in our translator database, please send us an e-mail, enclosing your CV from the outset.

It is a real pleasure working with STP as a freelance translator. I get interesting jobs from detail-minded and helpful project managers. All projects are well organised and deadlines are usually reasonable, which means I can deliver a quality product.

Swedish technical and IT freelancer, 2008

Excellent agency. Very professional, friendly staff offering a wide range of work. They also pay on time.

Danish freelancer, 2008

I have enjoyed a healthy working relationship with STP for a good number of years now. From time to time, I have tested the patience of their project managers and reviewers, and to their credit, they have always come through with flying colours. They are friendly, competent and professional in everything they do. STP offers its freelance translators sound technical support and training and treats them with respect. What’s more – and I can’t emphasise this enough – they always pay on time, so it’s champagne for breakfast every morning at my house.

Finnish freelancer, 2014

A very pleasant, professional agency to work with. They listen to comments, help with technology and find answers to queries – and they pay on time.

Danish medical freelancer, 2008

Your communication skills and willingness to listen to the translator’s feedback has made all the difference to me. It is something that really sets STP apart from other translation agencies, and I hope you continue on that path.

Danish freelancer, 2016

I started doing freelance work for STP in 2003. They quickly became one of my main suppliers of work and I have always enjoyed our working relationship. In my experience their project managers are timely and helpful in their correspondence, they have good knowledge of the translation tools that the translators are using and they are generally very helpful. Payments have always been prompt from STP, which is very important for small companies and freelance translators. The types of projects that I have received from STP have had a great deal of variation in length and subject matters – never a dull day. STP has a professional attitude to the translation industry and takes quality and results seriously. I am proud to be a member of their team.

Finnish freelancer, 2008

STP has been one of my main work providers since the early 2000s and I have always found them very professional, helpful and a pleasure to work for. I even recommend them to other clients when I am too busy to take on work.

English financial/EU freelancer, 2014

Having worked as a Project Manager for another translation agency in the past and thus fully aware of the many pressures that come with the job, I never stop admiring the fact that STP never let it show. They have extremely friendly and professional managers who also make sure that you have all the support, resources and help you need to carry out your assignments to the very best of your ability – in short, a winning combination for all concerned.

Swedish technical freelancer, 2014

I can honestly say that you and your staff are by far the nicest people I have worked with in this business.

Swedish technical freelancer, 2008

I did my first job for STP in 2006, and they are without any doubt the best agency I have ever worked for. Not only does STP tick all the right boxes when it comes to payment, reasonable deadlines and fairness of treatment; the company has also been instrumental in my continuing development as a translator of quality. Throughout my time with them, I have undertaken extensive work in every area within my various fields of expertise. With their own impressive teams of in-house translators and experienced, quality-aware PMs, they provide an excellent support service for translators who are keen to learn, with the result that I have been able to develop considerable new expertise over the years.

The company itself has a formidable array of competence, both in the languages in which it specialises and the translation software it uses. The staff are never too busy to help, an outstanding example being set here by the MD himself. Where other agencies have become increasingly impersonal in their translation project management, the personal touch of STP that I first experienced almost a decade ago has never been lost. In truth, working with STP is rewarding in every way – an important factor for those of us who are in for the long haul!

English freelance technical translator, 2014

I feel that all of the PMs at STP have a great understanding of and respect for translators, and that definitely isn’t always the case. Maybe some of you are former linguists too? I know Jesper Sandberg’s background, of course, and I think it greatly helps to have a translation company led by people who have a linguistic background.

Swedish freelancer, 2016

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