Client testimonials

Our clients love working with STP and feel we provide a valuable service to them. If you haven’t worked with us yet, why not give us a try today? Contact us by e-mail.

I have sent STP what is known in the trade as “a glowing reference”, and wanted to use the opportunity to also tell you how consistently delighted we have been with the quality of your work over the years – both the quality of the translation, and also your project management and customer service.

Medium-sized UK translation agency, 2008

Since 2010, STP has become our primary subcontractor for Nordic languages. STP’s focus of serving translation companies, ability to accommodate diverse requirements, and willingness to adopt new technology, coupled with attentive project management and, most importantly, qualified translators makes the company an invaluable resource.

Mid-sized US language service provider, 2014 (STP’s third-largest client in 2013)

We are very pleased to give STP our strongest recommendation. We have worked with STP for 18 years now and have built up a very close relationship over the years. Quality and service are paramount to us, and we feel that STP fully lives up to our high requirements and expectations. They deliver high translation quality, and their project managers provide a high service level with prompt responses when we have urgent assignments. Furthermore, STP is always able to help us with technical challenges and good ideas for optimising projects. All of these qualities make STP an important collaboration partner for us, both with their translations and technical solutions.

Danish mid-sized translation company, 2014 (STP’s fifth-largest client in 2013)

Many thanks for your care and attention which you always apply to our orders.

UK translation agency, 2008

We have been working together with STP for about eight years now and our cooperation has become stronger and stronger with time. We are very pleased with their excellent project management and quality of translation: they are very pleasant to work with and cooperative as well as highly professional; the translations they deliver to us always meet the agreed deadline and are evaluated very positively by our reviewers and clients. We have been very satisfied so far and plan to work together for a long time to come! Thank you for your hard work and for contributing to our success.

Global top 50 multinational translation agency, 2008

We have been working with STP for many years as our primary Nordic partner, and our relationship has continued to grow from strength to strength over this period. STP have proven themselves as quality driven, responsive, and reliable and always willing to go the extra mile. Their account and project management teams are among the strongest in the industry and have truly embraced the concept of becoming an extension of our team. Their ability and willingness to adopt and embrace new ideas and technology sets them apart from their competition. We hope to continue our co-operation with STP for many more years to come.

US-based global top 10 MLV, 2014 (STP’s largest client in 2013)

STP has been a trustworthy partner for many years, always delivering quality translations and excellent service. Over the years, STP has helped us to solve both difficult and delicate assignments.

Large Swedish LSP, 2014 (STP’s 6th largest client in 2013)

We have worked with STP since 2004 and can highly recommend their services and resource. Over this period STP have reliably translated a range of technical publications and associated marketing communications into all Nordic languages. We have benefitted from the quality of STP’s translations that have always withstood client review in-country, often receiving very positive feedback. STP also regularly provide us with technical assistance and advice. Our business is supported by a number of external translation sources, and STP clearly stand out from the rest. STP’s professionalism is evident across every aspect of our interaction, from start to finish of each and every project. We have total confidence in their work and rely upon them as a key part of our offer in the marketplace.

Mid-sized UK technical translation company, 2014

I have worked with STP for many years, and one thing has always been consistent: Quality. In the last five years or so another very important component of what STP has to offer has become a central part of not only maintaining but also improving our working relationship: Technology. STP has made a concerted effort and an obvious investment in developing a technical infrastructure that rivals that of many MLVs. I think it is fair to say that these two traits, combined with a knowledgeable and friendly staff, make STP our preferred choice time after time.

US-based global MLV, 2014 (STP’s second-largest client in 2013)

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