University workshops

STP works closely with UK and Nordic universities to bridge the gap between the academic and commercial translation worlds.

We regularly visit universities on open days to talk about life in the commercial world or as part of a “getting to know the industry” course where translation companies and freelancers are invited to speak to the students. We have taught master classes and translation technology workshops on MA translation courses. In 2013, we ran our first credit-awarding university course on the topic of translation project management. And in 2014 our MD, Anu Carnegie-Brown, created an “Introduction to the Translation Industry” course for the University of Helsinki and inspired an entire team of industry peers to teach it. This course is now a permanent part of the university’s curriculum, and other European universities have expressed interest in the concept too.

PM’ing, translation technology tools

Translation project management is gradually being recognised as a key area to be included in MA translation courses, though many universities have not yet incorporated it in their curriculum and are struggling to find the teachers to teach it. This challenge provides a perfect opportunity for translation companies to get involved. STP designed an interactive three-day project management workshop for the University of Helsinki in 2013, and it was deemed a great success by all parties involved. Our cooperation continues with ambitious plans for even more extensive courses on the way.

STP has also run an enthusiastically received master class in translation project management at the University of Leeds, and we are regular speakers at other UK universities too, spreading the word on opportunities available to newly graduated students, on the need for translation project managers at every level of the translation industry and generally on translation technology expertise.


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