ELIA Exchange

STP’s managing director, Anu Carnegie-Brown, is currently coordinating an initiative called the “ELIA Exchange”, which aims to enhance cooperation between European universities and translation companies.

In February 2013, ELIA had an opportunity to give feedback to the European Masters in Translation, a partnership project launched in 2006 by the European Commission with the aim of enhancing the status of the translation profession in the EU. ELIA consulted its members and reported to the European Commission that today’s translation graduates are not ready for the commercial world without further training. This is not the first time the industry has been consulted – in 2011 the OPTIMALE project consulted 684 European translation service providers in order to determine the competence requirements within the translation industry. The feedback was very similar.

The industry clearly feels there is a gap between what we need and what the European translator training produces, and that it’s time for the universities, students and translation companies to get together to improve the situation.

That is how the ELIA Exchange initiative was born. It is an ongoing project that aims to:

  • Address the frustration on the academic, student and industry side
  • Map how ELIA companies cooperate with the academic world
  • Produce a list of universities interested in cooperation
  • Identify ELIA companies willing to drive this cooperation in different regions
  • Encourage and facilitate local meetings
  • Facilitate pan-European cooperation for recruitment and internships

The cooperation can take place in three different contexts:

  • Cooperation in the industry context (students and teaching staff come to do internships at translation companies or go on taster visits to translation companies, mentoring, university participation in industry conferences)
  • Cooperation in the academic context (translation companies visit universities, provide talks and workshops, influence course content, promote the profession together with universities)
  • Cooperation in research (MA and PhD papers; topics relevant to the industry’s needs, funding, turnaround times)

For further information, please contact Anu Carnegie-Brown by e-mail.

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