Academia engagement


STP has been running a comprehensive internship programme since 2010.

We take Nordic and UK students of Translation Studies both for work placements that form part of their university degree programme and internships that are completely independent of any university involvement. Both types of placements usually last 3-4 months. All interns at STP go through the same 1-2 week induction training that new employees receive. As interns tend to be relatively new to the world of work, good management and supervision will help them remain motivated and develop quickly.

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University workshops

STP works closely with UK and Nordic universities to bridge the gap between the academic and commercial translation worlds.

We regularly visit universities on open days to talk about life in the commercial world or as part of a “getting to know the industry” course where translation companies and freelancers are invited to speak to the students. We have taught master classes and translation technology workshops on MA translation courses.

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ELIA Exchange

STP’s managing director, Anu Carnegie-Brown, is currently coordinating an initiative called the “ELIA Exchange”, which aims to enhance cooperation between European universities and translation companies.

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