History & milestones

Founded in 1995, STP is one of the world’s largest and best-established translation companies specialising in work into the Nordic languages and into English. We serve clients all over the world, acting as a translation production company and sub-contractor to other translation companies. We have a widespread reputation for high quality language work that we strive to uphold in everything we do.

STP was founded as a partnership in 1995 after Jesper Sandberg had been working as a freelance translator for five years. The first in-house translator was employed in 1995, and by 2000 the company had seven staff members and was then incorporated under the name of Sandberg Translation Partners Limited.

In December 2001, STP acquired part of another translation company, Done Information UK, a subsidiary of a Finnish organisation. STP purchased all fixed assets and the part of Done Information UK’s client list that included other translation companies (the list of end clients was sold to another buyer). STP also gained nine new employees, most of them in-house translators, taking the company’s total staff count to 17.

In May 2012, STP acquired the Swedish translation company Tranflex AB based in Stockholm, and its UK subsidiary based in London. STP had around 45 staff at the time and Tranflex added 15 to the figure. The acquisition brought a wealth of new human talent to STP as well as a valuable client portfolio.

In November 2012, STP acquired Simply English International, a UK company focused on selling translation into English from a wider range of major world languages. The acquisition brought with it four new staff members and one key client, and marked the first overt strategic diversification for STP, i.e. offering into-English work from a much wider range of source languages.

STP has been an active partner in the translation industry since 1995.

– Jesper Sandberg, MD

STP History

  • 1995 – STP founded as a partnership
  • 1997 – Finnish Done Information set up their UK subsidiary
  • 2000 – STP incorporated as a limited company in UK
  • 2001 – Tranflex AB founded as a limited company in Sweden
  • 2001 – STP acquired UK arm of Done iInformation
  • 2002 – STP moved to larger office
  • 2008 – STP moved to even larger office
  • 2010 – Tranflex AB set up London subsidiary
  • 2012 – STP acquired Tranflex
  • 2012 – STP acquired Simply English International

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