STP facts & figures

2013 Highlights:

  • Group turnover just under GBP 6 million
  • 99% of STP’s clients are other translation companies
  • STP was ranked 72 out of the world’s top 100 LSPs by turnover (cf. Common Sense Advisory annual market survey, 2017)
  • We work for 35 of the world’s top 100 LSPs (cf. Common Sense Advisory annual market survey, May 2013)
  • Out of STP’s 332 clients, 121 are based in the UK, 59 in the Nordic countries and 34 in the US
  • Our top 20 clients account for 73% of turnover
  • Our top 50 clients account for 86% of turnover
  • 26 of our top 50 clients have worked with us for over ten years



Words per target language


Satisfaction Survey 2013


Satisfaction Survey 2013

Client feedback

  • We are very happy with your services.
  • Response times generally very good. This has improved recently.
  • Very efficient communication, reliable project management, a pleasure to work with.
  • The quality of the translations is usually very good.
  • I find the project managers very helpful.
  • Generally, I have been very happy with everything STP have completed for me. They are always punctual with their deliveries, friendly and in general make life easy for me.
  • I get the impression that you have expanded your pool of translators, as you are accepting a lot more work from us than in the past (which is great).
  • Rates a little high for industry average, but justified by good quality and reliability.

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