Date:October, 2017

TECH TIPS – Create simple “Do not Translate” lists

When it comes to glossary management, you can’t simply rely on your clients to keep you up to date on their content, so it’s good practice to build your own updated

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TECH TIPS – Pseudo-translate for layout

How many times have you imported a file in a CAT tool and hoped the formatting wasn’t messy when it came time to export it after translation? Well, there is a

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TECH TIPS – Editing source segments

Translation is such a time-sensitive industry and content gets written and published at break-neck speeds these days. Because of this, it’s not uncommon to receive source files that have typos in

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TECH TIPS – Customising QA/QC tools

In the translation industry, Quality Assurance/Quality Control checks and reports are vitally important and almost always a requirement of any translation job. That said, just making a QA check doesn’t mean

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TECH TIPS – Batch renaming tools

When translating software or websites, it’s common for clients to send whole folder structures containing the files for localisation. They may ask you to send back all files with a _[language

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